Who We Are

Our Mission

to honor and empower the emotional wellness of military service members, police, fire, and emergency medical responders through outdoor activities, programs, and services.

Kentucky Wounded Heroes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that exists to serve Kentucky’s current or former members of the United States Armed Forces, sworn law enforcement, sworn firefighters and sworn or affirmed EMS, all of whom have been injured during combat operations or line-of-duty service. We provide opportunities to hunt, fish, travel and reconnect to nature’s healing properties.

There isn’t a replacement for an organization like the Kentucky Wounded Heroes.

Wounded Kentucky State Police Trooper

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Chuck Reed

Director Chuck Reed began his military service in the United States Marine Corps (1972-1975). He then joined the Kentucky State Police where he served his local community from (1975-2003). Chuck also joined the Kentucky National Guard in 1978 and served until he retired as a Sergeant First Class in 2013. Chuck is passionate about empowering others that were injured in the line of duty.

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Board Member

Mike Dentinger

Mike is a 15 year veteran with Louisville Metro Police Department currently serving as a full time Firearms Instructor. Mike is also a member of the LMPD Peer Support Team. Mike is married with two children and attends Southeast Christian Church.

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Board Member

Brett Hightower

Brett retired from both the Bowling Green Police Department and the Kentucky National guard in 2011. Brett was injured during combat operations while serving in Afghanistan in 2008. During his recovery, Brett was appointed to the the Department of Defense Task Force on the Care, Management and Transition of Recovering Wounded, Ill and Injured Members of the Armed Forces. Immediately after his military retirement Brett worked for the Army Wounded Warrior Program at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Brett is both a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient. Brett understands the importance of connecting with others that have similar experiences while serving as a first responder or in the military.